Top-line growth is becoming harder to achieve. And traditional marketing efforts no longer deliver. CEM is a brand strategy and innovation firm that specializes in actually changing consumers’ minds — to drive the growth you need.
The spark
that changes
consumers’ minds.
Triggers ® - Growth strategy service
are the building blocks of brands. By tapping into universal positive associations, they change how your brand is experienced. Drawing on behavioral economics, psychology and neuroscience, Brand Triggers® - Growth strategy service drive emotional connection and shift consumers’ preferences.
Brand Triggers® - Growth strategy service is the only proven approach for actually elevating
brand perceptions in consumers’ minds.
We’ve created more than
$1 billion
in incremental revenue* for the
world’s most iconic Fortune 100 brands. *For new products and existing brands over a 20-year period
up to
brand growth
repeat clients
years in business
advertising ROI
new product
purchase intent
“We believe that
brands are
infinitely elastic
and have the
power to change
and evolve.”
- Leslie Zane
CEM Founder

...and they can do so across
consumers, categories and continents.
our team
For 20 years we've been working together to drive consistent growth for our clients.
Founder & President
A visionary thought leader, Zane has been creating disruptive growth for clients for over 20 years. Her single-minded focus on achieving real results for clients has led to some of the most important discoveries about brand decision-making. Prior to CEM, Zane received her brand management training at Revlon, Johnson & Johnson and P&G Cosmetics, which ignited her interest in the relationship between imagery and emotion. Zane began her career in consulting at Bain, graduated from Yale, and received her MBA from Harvard Business School.
Tom Gosline
VP & Brand Strategist
Gosline is a respected brand and innovation specialist with a 20 year hands-on track record of building brands in U.S. and international markets. He joined CEM after being a client for a decade at PepsiCo and Kraft Foods. Previously, Gosline was Senior Director Experience Design at PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay and Director of Consumer and Shopper insights at Quaker. Gosline also spent a decade leading global innovation at Kraft. He received his BA from Northwestern and MBA from Kellogg.
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